The Authority on STEM Education

Carisma4U curriculum is aligned to Next Generation Science Standards and incorporates all the elements of best practices in STEM:

Our curricula is vigorous, and inquiry-based, it leaves a lot of room for exploration and discovery by students; real-world relevance through the eyes of the students is emphasized.

Students learn about STEM careers and innovative-thinking. Future Readiness for our students is our ultimate goals.

Students need to grasp that STEM is a fundamental part of their lives in a rapidly changing world.

Carisma4U STEM Innovators Club

Carisma4U STEM Innovators Clubs are the best STEM augmentation for our students. We convey STEM as engaging, relevant and precise.

Students participate in hands-on activities and projects with exploration as the objective where they design, tinker, build, iterate and create models that are exclusively theirs.

CARISMA4U STEM Trainings for Educators


An estimated 10–20% of science and math teachers in U.S schools are not certified in their subjects—nor did they major in a related field in college.

The Statistics is worse in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Carisma4U  STEM professional development fills this essential gap in continuing education for educators, by providing training in STEM instruction.

Our series of trainings offers a secure and encouraging environment for educators to increase their knowledge of STEM subjects, learn best practices in STEM education and to utilize Carisma4U pedagogy to propel STEM awareness, significance, and comprehension .


Over  3 out of 4 of educators increased their confidence in knowledge of STEM models.

65% of teachers improved their assurance in supervising STEM hands on activities.

3 out of 5 teachers amplified their overall confidence in teaching STEM.