Mission Statement

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STEM info

The central mission of the Carisma4U STEM Reform in Education Coalition is to focus on the premise that today’s students are the innovators and pioneers of the future. Join us as we work to give all kids a high-quality STEM education that will open doors and expand their dreams. We also aim to inform the public on the critical role that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education plays in a nation’s competitiveness and future economic prosperity.
We have designed and tailored early intervention program for individual students, most especially putting into consideration the peculiarities and complexities our social and traditional society which the children are parties of. This is why we are selective of the number and kind of students we are willing to take on and parents to work with.
We make bold to say with our program we will change the life trajectory of thousands of children by not just steering them towards the stem subjects but making sure they pass out with flying colors.

We have created a variety of programs that enable students and young adults interested to get an assorted education which equips them with critical, and deductive reasoning skills. They are better trained to adapt to all situations under these conditions.
Our motivation is to integrate quantitative reasoning in our educational training methods while tackling practical problems that reside well outside the mainstream textbook problems.

Math lesson plans and activities crafted it to fit individual students not just one size fits all style. Designed with the psychology of students in mind. Math activities that are engaging, interactive and innovative. Spur higher thinking in students and encourages solving real world applicative problems.

Science is the cornerstone of development. At Carisma4u, we understand this and stress that the foundation of our students’ learning is critical for our development as a nation. Our Science programs incorporate experiments, forays into critical thought and power sessions for examination preparation for students. We focus on Cognitive development as part of our lessons as well as ensuring that they are highly stimulated during the lessons. We interlock understanding the need for discovery and creativity as part of the programs we have.