STEM Reform

STEM Education is more than just presentation and dissemination of information and cultivation of techniques. It is a process for teaching and learning that offers students opportunities to make sense of the world and take charge of their learning, rather than learning isolated bits and pieces of content.


In the STEM environment, there is less emphasis on activities that demonstrate science content and a greater focus on those activities that allow students to engage in real world problems and experiences through project-based, experiential learning activities that lead to higher level thinking. Learning in a STEM environment compels students to understand issues, distill problems, and comprehend processes that lead to innovative solutions.

The core philosophy of Carisma4U is the “teach-the-teachers” model. It is the teachers who finally re-orient and re-engineers the student. They are the custodians of the children in the school and are well acquainted with the child’s bent of mind. Hence they are in a better position to influence child psychology towards the adoption of STEM. In fact teachers are the main influencers of STEM educational system. This is the primary reason our focus on influencing teachers and imbibing into them the STEM philosophy.



  1. Targeted Support for Teachers, Students and Schools
  2. Fostering Innovation
  3. Improving Assessment
  4. Strengthening Preparation ProgramS for STEM Teachers
  5. Relevant Professional Development and Collaboration Time