[thim-heading title=”Seminars and Workshops” sub_heading=”THE MOST REQUESTED ARE :” line=”true” text_align=”text-center”]

Stick to it Seminar.

    • – One of the most pressing problems in society today is increasing the ability of people to persevere through distraction and difficulty to accomplish challenging tasks in life.
    • – A perseverance process that would be delved into during the seminar to offer a framework and set of supporting tools can integrate into their lives.
    • – It seeks to improve mental outcomes by re-shaping mindsets, behaviors and promote supportive “developmental” relationships that have been shown to have influence over all areas of life.
    • Ideas on Inner drives, Growth-mindset and Mental-toughness will be explored in this Seminar.

Math rocks (for students)

    • – Through engaging activities such as crafting original architectural plans or designing roadside attractions, math becomes “real.”
    • – Create strategies to increase motivation about studying math.
    • – Collect successful problem solving hacks for personal use.
    • Students will apply math problem-solving skills to creatively tackle real problems, which incorporate a variety of mathematical concepts such as :

– – Estimation.
– – Geometry measurement.
– – Proportional reasoning.
– – Probability.
– – Fractions.
– – Decimals

Science is cool (for students)

    • How much fun can science be?.
    • Students will realize just how exciting scientific concepts are as they conduct a variety of experiments.
    •  These will help them understand the states of matter and include watching how “cool” dry ice can be, learning the who’s and “watts” about static electricity, creating super gooey slime, working and “pulling” together to learn about magnetic force, and not believing what they see as they explore optical illusions.
    • Students will conduct their own experiments to explore these and many more interesting scientific concepts!

Creating a MATHiusatic Classroom (for teachers)

    • Feeling anxious about teaching math?.
    • This course will help you develop a math mindset as a teacher and share this enthusiasm and confidence with your students.
    • You will learn instructional strategies to implement the math standards and math interventions to help students who struggle to learn mathematics and provide for individual needs.

Science simply rocks lessons (for teachers)

    • – Going one step further to teach lessons that your students will love in science.
    • – This course will show you how to deliver outstanding lessons, making them highly successful and engaging for your students.
    • – Develop pupil-centred strategies to ensure you build positive relationships with your learners so outstanding learning can take place.
    • – Explore ideas, resources, techniques, and models of excellent practice to support learning and progress in science
    • Robustly monitor your students’ achievement and set meaningful targets to maximise progress in science

No Limitations

    • – During this seminar, participants will:
    • – – Learn how to find their passion.
    • – – Focus on what really matters in life.
    • – – Develop ways to defeat their dark side.
    •      And much more.Contact us for further discussions about our varied courses for both teacher training and student development.